Identification of fish species

Identification of fish species by DNA sequencing

The culinary diversity of fish products is growing constantly. Today many new internationally traded fish species are available on the European market.

The exact knowledge about the particular species is not only important for legal, commercial and qualitative reasons but also for the protection of natural resources.

In the EU regulation 2065/2001 the correct labeling of fish species is defined in detail.

Despite clear labeling requirements within the EU false declaration of fish species is frequent. Recent examinations show that 35% of the labeling was not correct. Especially flatfish species are often subject to adulterartion.

Our service:

If unambiguous results are needed there is no better method than DNA sequencing. It is  the best choice for the clear identification of species.

We have many years of experience and will help you to solve even difficult problems.

Within 5 days you will get your results. We need approx. 100g of frozen sample or 10 g stored in ethanol absolute.