Final Random Inspection – Pre-shipment Inspection

During the final random inspection or the pre-shipment inspection ,of a Seafood product or any other product, we check the pre-specified quality and quantity parameters of the shipment.

In case the specifications are not met, the client and producer will be informed and advised immediately.

No matter where we conduct services, if Vietnam, China, Thailand or other Asia countries, you can be sure that all of our equipment is state of the art and is routinely checked and calibrated. We use a standardized reporting system  to make sure data is available as soon as possible. On request a draft of the report can be sent within one hour.

For clients who request sampling in the country of origin, we organize the sampling and the testing of chemical and microbiological parameters with our cooperating labs. Alternatively the samples can also be sent to the laboratory of the customer`s choice.

Additional services are also available, e.g. temperature monitoring with DATA-loggers and container sealing.

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